Hours, Fees, Declarations and Directions

LOCATION:  1137 Pearl St. Suite 208

My office is on the Pearl St. Mall between Morrison Alley and Pearl St. on the 11th St- Broadway Block.


There is a front and back entrance. The front entrance is the 3rd  door west of the Prana store and 2 doors east of Hapa Sushi.  There is a black awning above the entrance with the numbers 1137 on it.


The back entrance is accessible from Morrison Alley and can be seen at the top of a fire escape( the only fire escape in that alley) where you will find 2 doors. My door is the door on the left. 

Please make sure you get the door code from me.


Mondays 8am-8pm

Tuesdays 8am-1pm

Thursdays 8am-8am

I can be available on some Tuesday and Wednesday evenings when necessary, and on the rare weekend day when I am in town.


$135 an hour  

$185 an hour and a half,   

$250 for 2 hours  

$360 for 3 hours    

Couples are always seen for at least 1.5 hours.   (It is ideal to have a 2 hour session to start.)   

Fees are negotiable based on need,  reduced fee spaces are time-limited per agreement with therapist  

I am not on any insurance panels but am happy to write a receipt for you to present to your carrier.

I do take credit cards, venmo, zelle, and paypal. Cash or check are ideal.