Credentials and Disclosure Statement

Curriculum Vitae


  • M.A. Contemplative Psychology Naropa University, Boulder, CO 1987
  • Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy Colorado School for Family Therapy, Denver, CO 2005 

Additional Credentials  

  • L.M.F.T., Colorado License # 767, August, 2006
  • Certified Hakomi Therapist, Hakomi Institute, 1986
  • Certified Hakomi Trainer, Hakomi Institute, 1996
  • Masters Level: Relational Life Therapy, May, 2012

Professional Experience  

  • Private practice in psychotherapy with individuals and couples, Boulder, CO, 1987- present

Professional Teaching Experience: 


  • Faculty, Naropa University Graduate Department of Somatic Psychology, Courses taught: History of Body Psychology; Somatic Approach to Couples Therapy; Couples, Sex and Relationship, 1999-2005:
  • Faculty, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Trauma Trainings, 2007-2010
  • Co-Developer, Experiential Couples Psychotherapy, 1999
  • Certified Hakomi Trainer: Leading over 50 workshops and two-year trainings in the U.S., Israel, Brazil, and Canada, since 1999.
  • Matrixworks Living Systems Facilitator, 2014-present

Post-Graduate Training 

  • Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Psychotherapy Two- year training: Boulder, Co. 1983-1985
  • Satir Approach Training, Boulder 1992-93
  • Marriage and Family Therapy, Colorado Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy, (CIMFT) 1994-1997
  • EMDR Training Level I&II: Denver, CO 1997-1998
  • Group Leadership Training, Boulder, CO 1998-1999, 2004-2005
  • Passionate Marriage, David Schnarch, Denver, CO 1999
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Trauma Training, Boulder, CO 1999
  • Couples Communication Instructor I&II, 2001
  • Certification Program in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Colorado School for Family Therapy, Denver, CO, 2004-06
  • Matrixworks LivingSystems Group Leadership.  Boulder, Co. 2012-2014
  • Terrance Real/Relational Life Therapy Center, Boston, MA, 2006-present. 
  • Brainspotting, Levels I&II & III and Advanced Supervision, Boulder, 2007-present
  • Family Constellations, Family Systems Institute, Portland, OR. 2018-

Disclosure Statement, Contract and Policies

The Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies regulates the practice of both licensed and unlicensed persons in the field of psychotherapy. Any questions, concerns or complaints regarding the practice of Mental Health may be directed to the State Board listed below:

Mental Health Occupations Grievance Board

1560 Broadway #1340

DENVER, CO. 80202


• You are entitled to receive information about methods of psychotherapy I use, the techniques I use, the duration of therapy, if known, and my fee structure.

• You may seek a second opinion from another therapist at any time and may terminate therapy at any time.

• Please know that in a professional relationship, sexual intimacy is never appropriate and should be immediately reported to the Grievance Board. There will be no sexual contact in our relationship.

The use of Touch in Somatic Psychotherapy: Occasionally, touch may be used to facilitate the process of body-centered psychotherapy. Touch in psychotherapy is always part of the therapeutic process, is only used with permission and is never sexual in nature. Touch is used in such techniques as “taking over” physically held tensions and as physical support during times of strong emotional discharge or expression. Please feel free to discuss this openly with me.

• Please understand that information provided by you during therapy is legally confidential. Therefore, this therapist cannot be forced to disclose any information without the client's consent. Exceptions include intent to harm others or yourself, abuse or suspected abuse of children, the elderly and anyone unable to care for themselves, neglect or suspected neglect of children and sexual relations with current or former therapists and in criminal or delinquency proceedings.

  • I charge for psychotherapy services held in my office or on the phone when access to my office is limited due to distance, weather or illness. Sessions with couples are always 90 minutes.

  • There may be times when I may need to consult with a colleague or supervisor about issues raised in your therapy. In such a case, your confidentiality will be maintained.

  • Smokers: If you are a smoker, please do not smoke for at least two hours before coming to my office. Hakomi therapy can, on occasion, involve physical closeness or contact. Smoke residue can interfere with my work with you. 

  • In cases where insurance is covering treatment, clients are to pay me and have the insurance company reimburse you.

  • Regarding SKYPE sessions: Please understand that I an only licensed to practice psychotherapy in the State of Colorado. If you are located outside of Colorado, you understand that you enter therapy with me at your own risk.

  • I require a 24 hour cancellation notice unless it is due to illness, accident or childcare problems. Missed appointments are not billed to insurance companies or any other third party.

  • We will discuss this statement in the office at the first full session


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Indigenous Peoples Land Acknowledgment

“I would like to acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Arapaho, Cheyenne and Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) First Nations on which we are practicing therapy and healing.  It is important to acknowledge this land and its history.   Many of us who are descendants of immigrants in this country, were not informed of nor taught to respect the history of the indigenous peoples of this area. Indigenous people tend to be talked about in the past tense as are the struggles they still face today.  It is easier to deny Indigenous people their rights when their  struggles are historicized.  As a therapist and conscientious citizen, I  take this opportunity and privilege to commit myself to work towards dissolving  systems of oppression that have dispossessed Indigenous people of their lands and  have denied their right to self-determination and economic equality.